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A one public welfare trust is a newly established Non-Profit Non-Governmental Organization (Reg. Nr: 255-972 NPO) based in Fordsburg. Our focus is to mobilize communities towards sustainable and responsible development.

A one public welfare foundation we believe in the transformation from poverty to hope, obstacles to opportunities, and from oppression to triumph. A one public welfare foundation we celebrate the rich diversity of our country and praise many individuals and organizations who steadfastly remained committed to the breaking of the cycle of marginalization and poverty in South Africa.

About Healthworkers Heroes Memorial

Founded by Dr. Maggie Mojapelo-Mokotedi, a dedicated frontline female doctor and exceptional leader, Healthworkers Heroes Memorial is a tribute to the brave men and women who faced the deadliest impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. The relentless efforts of frontline healthworkers, marked by unwavering tenacity, have been both heroic and heartbreaking.


In the midst of this pandemic, many healthworkers became casualties, facing the harsh reality of their battlefield. Witnessing the rising numbers of healthworker fatalities and recognizing the challenges of congregating to honor and bid farewell to colleagues, Dr. Maggie initiated the Healthworkers Heroes Memorial.

This memorial isn’t limited to COVID-19; it encompasses all healthworkers who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, whether due to COVID-19 or other infectious diseases like MDR TB, Ebola, or any conditions affecting those on the healthcare frontline.


Dr. Maggie collaborated with Precious Matsoso, an esteemed former DG of Health and current WHO Executive, seeking guidance and partnership. Dr. Maggz, a healthtechnopreneur, introduced a Digital Memorial Platform, developed in collaboration with a talented young African appreneur and developer.


This platform serves not only to honor healthworkers globally but also to raise awareness and seek proactive interventions to prevent future fatalities. Collaboration with health bodies at local, national, and international levels is a key focus. The aim is to innovate, inspire, and empower communities, families, and healthcare workers beyond the memorial.


Through Healthworkers Heroes Memorial, the sacrifice and bravery of healthworkers on the frontline are honored. This memorial stands as a testament to their legacy, meant to outlive current and future generations. It’s a collective effort to ensure that the memory of these heroes persists, and their contributions continue to impact and inspire us all.